In the wake of remembering India’s daughters who have been all so barbarously obliterated from existence for man’s need for lust , there now exists a new low where even powerless but not voiceless arm chair critics like me can only gasp at the demoralizing trend of disputations following Asifa’s death .

The anarchists of the world often describe a pattern of human reflections on crime , where we the modern civilization hardly pay attention when an inarticulate tribal women from Chattisgarh is raped and violated but our senses become alarmed if a some obese woman is fat shamed on facebook . Yes we all happen to be busy in our own worlds being imperceptive to most inhumane things that happen in our society unless the event hits you where it matters . In a way , isnt every single one of us guilty and dont even deserve to opine upon, when another vulgar act of sexual offence comes to life . A collective responsibility to ensure adequate response to whistle blowers followed by government bodies efficiently conducting a trial to promptly punishing the guilty , whoever it may be was always the need of the hour . It never struck our senses that our pathetic system grossly lacked this engine but the moment someones religion is thrown upon this pile , there seems to be a sudden surge of attention to this unfortunately usual injustice . Why ? Because this event hit us where it matters , Religion matters to Indians , sadly not for the spiritual need but as an image !

JOKER quote

The land of thousand gods , India for the first time is perhaps witnessing a line of generation whose relation to their religious entity is following a trend of Hero worship and Image building rather than a pathway to salvation or Nirvana . I hate to admit that Euro-caucasian Hindus understand the religion in the right context better than our own people . This is the trend we have been seeing ever since our new government came to power , there has been active efforts to show off power and invincibility that the youth feel they have by being a particular religion , and we have a long line of men in power actually supporting the act .


I’m a Tamilian , I come from the land of temples , Ive probably attended more Temples and mutts than you ever will but always for one purpose and one purpose only , Inner peace and Hope , through the observation of a superior power that may one day guide us to find your true inner self . I had the fear of god ingrained in me since childhood , I did eventually grew out of it but the purpose it served in the construction of my morality makes it an essential rite of passage .There is still a long history of practices , that are ritualistically archaic when people lose the meaning of it but hold on to it simply out of respect for the morales it holds and off course the purpose of delivering peace to oneself is still delivered through these archaic methods .

GOD IS one

Now let me show you something , In the above paragraph , try replacing the word ‘temple’ with either mosque/church , the meaning will still hold fine with regards to the purpose of religion. Isn’t it fascinating that god really means the same in all religion . God is perhaps the most important belief that humans naturally cling on to and as a kid it serves the purpose of being the strict teacher that corrects harshly and as we grow up it soon comes to mean the part of us that is human and still serves to guide us in our journey of transcendency .

Sadly, there are people who interpret it differently and start making religion a cut throat team game or a political wing with the god being their supreme leader and the youth who already are going through their Identity crisis become so engraved it this image that religion gives them and naturally develop a relation to religion like how a Nazi starts glorifying the Fuhrer . This is where it fundamentally goes wrong and a person’s relation to god is lost to his search for self esteem and domination that he hopes his religion will offer . And a man who must be a loyal servant to his leader/cult , will do anything to make him look strong , even kill or avenge someone or behave in ways that is completely inhumane towards another human who just appears as the rival in his eyes . Thus , he is no more a human but only a puppet to the strings of his cult ,and God can no more exist inside this puppet and there we have it , where religion effectively kills the god in some one .

Parade of the SS Guard, the Nazi elite, at a Party rally in Nurmberg in the late 1930s.

Lets look at the recent events of the child Asifa’s murder that clinically depicted this underlying flaw in our generations personality with respect to their relationship with their religion . Here we have a case of grusome child sexual offence with one of the most horrific sequence of events as reported that clearly depicts the work of men who definitely fall into the spectrum of Dissocial personality disorder or in plain terms , a psychopath. However , the revelation of these horrendous offences became a trigger for disgusting debates of “whataboutery” because the media and masses had started tagging the child and the offenders’ respective religions and soon what would have been another non vicarious response people would have given to another criminal psychopath became a national debate of who did it first with social media flooded by altercation between two groups trying to win the deplorable and pathetic argument of “which religion has more offenders ?!“, because clearly (sarcasm loaded) religion is ones identity and his source of image and self esteem and psychopaths come and go everyday and how dare you tarnish my image .

Rapists die

I guess there is only one man who can best explain the behaviour of these people and that is the great psychiatrist Carl Jung .

Here are some of his excerpts where he explains the modern man has become increasingly insecure for several reasons . He says “Modern society came into existence during the industrial revolution, when large portions of the population were driven from small towns into big cities in search of work and opportunity – instigating the birth of a mass society. While the development of a mass society generated benefits through the intensification of the division of labor, it also brought perilous problems. “This new form of existence…produced an individual who was unstable, insecure, and suggestible.” (Carl Jung, The Fight With the Shadow)” . The modern man is made to feel infinitesimal because of the ever growing structures around him that enslaves him and also he has lost touch with the age old relationship he had with god .

Carl Jung

He would go onto describe the rise of excess secularism suddenly , brought on a confusion among us over our own self identity that till about medieval times , we all accepted a human being as the centre of the universe and all being the children of god with the almighty rewarding or punishing us based on our deeds and now these believes no longer are fathomable and with every passing days of our lives , with traditional religion not serving us well ,we have become increasingly insecure of our existence . Our minds unconsciously start searching for power to compensate our feelings of apprehension . Thus as a result , we become suggestible to mass movements and collective ideologies , which as we see is increasingly taking over religions all over the world .

Carl Jung God

Thus as a result , the divine purpose of religion is no where to be seen and only these mass movements in the name of god , solely with a lust for power and desire to seek it at any cost , even at the cost of an 8 year old innocent girls death . So , there you go , take a good look at this little childs picture and if you are indeed a believer of god , I hope you pray she gets her justice so her soul can rest in peace .


Dr .Vel Prashanth Venkatesan is a resident of Psychiatry at the CENTRAL INSTITUTE OF PSYCHIATRY (CIP), Ranchi, India who writes on Indian contexts of psychosocial issues with keen interests in helping towards mental health awareness.


Nothing has polarised humans into groups as colour did and even relegion perhaps stands second . We find a topic like this , so potentially insinuating owing to its emotional tone and the omnifarious understanding each carry in their head due to their naturally diversified experiences . And also its in our nature to always bring the past into the way we perceive things , something that happens instantly . For all these reasons , my only clear ambition will be to talk about how people perceive BLACK as a colour in the broadest context with no discussion into the racial and political domains ( a separate topic on its own ) and to try and explore why we all dont appreciate BLACK ,the colour in a positive context .

queen-of-dark           The Queen of Dark : Nyakim Gatwech is a 24-year-old South Sudanese model.


If you are a Indian growing up in the millennium , perhaps its not usual for you to observe certain gruesome practices of untouchability in your daily life as our earlier generations practiced or endured with. Yet , here we are in the age of hyperloops and mars missions, still persisting with a notion that makes a dark complexioned girl less confident or ill advises someone to not buy his first car in Black colour. There is always an ominous and obnoxious tone people associate with the colour black since time immemorial , that has largely gone under the shadows and only its subtle subtexts are visible at the surface .


Its a common site in Indian families when a pregnant lady who is gorgeously dark complexioned feeds herself a daily dose of ‘Kesar/Kumkumapoo’ , the saffron flowers of crocus C. sativus , a perennial plant , quite expensive as well , in hope her child gets a lighter skin complexion . In fact her own beautiful mother with a brilliant black glow would persist that she take it daily , not because they are all racists but frankly out of love . A concern that their child doesn’t have to endure a harsh inferiority complex that they had to growing up . Any territory of history that is repugnant is called Black history . Any persons negative aspect is called his dark side . We mourn death with black and call a deadly curse as the black curse . Why did humans come to perceive anything unfavourable as black and to sum it all up  , we have a quote that says “ Face is the index of the mind “ . Imagine if culture categorically creates a learning in us that makes children fear , detest and avoid black as its perceived as negative , how would he/she perceive other humans whose entire skin is black or even worse , how would a child perceive her own self in the mirror when her spectacular black skin gives her an instant notion of being unwanted . One cannot imagine the character crisis everyone with a dark skin face growing .Lydia Dark Indian model

Lydia Marshall , a dazzling dark skinned model from Kuala Lumpur


I wish life was as simple as the imaginary paradise “Wakanda” in the “Black Panther” movie . Its amazing how in the movie , the paradise is an advanced society where all are blacks and looks are appreciated on dimensions other than skin colour and there is a notion of Black being the colour of power and the nations protector ,King T’chala adopts the colour of BLACK PANTHER with pride and there is appreciation of beauty  purely in terms of physique , attitude and skill set . How ideal do you think is our society , where still our movies don’t prefer to cast feminine lead roles played by any scintillating shades of dark skinned actors . Even the patriarchal advantage given to male lead actors to be dark skinned is still flawed with them being complimented on making the cut despite having the ‘disadvantage’ of black skin and it gets more so despicable when the same lead man strictly prefers to fall for a beautiful ‘fair’ lady because he gets what society considers the best .

Wakanda ladies                                      Women from the Imaginary land of “Wakanda”

Thus coming back to the pragmatic attributes of being black , one has to admit for some reason we as an Indian society despite our fantastic diversity and uniqueness in language and customs , always fail to conceive black and white skin on the same parallel . And perhaps there is certain non malleable traits the colour Black posseses that enables this tendency in us that we shall explore now .


Every biological entity is designed to protect itself from danger and any entity that is unknown or mysterious is perceived to be dangerous , and that means DARKNESS/BLACK is mysterious and is a potential danger . It means that all of evolution teaches us to avoid or detest dark entities because they are naturally intimidating . This simply makes any child instantly develop the notion of having to “not prefer” anything black because it can be dangerous and in time this “non preference” leads to disgust . Its not my concern if you feel like questioning the almighty as to why design a universe in such a way that Black by its nature is bound to get repulsion simply because our nervous systems are alarmed by it . But this natural reaction gets so hardwired into our systems and such that the natural response to black is avoidance and it takes several age to unlearn this innate nature in us . Simply put , anyone whose claims their favourite colour as black is interestingly someone who initially developed this liking only in late teen or adolescence after perhaps understanding its real virtue .


The universe’s most dominating colour is Black . Dark matter surrounds us . Black holes engulf anything and everything . Death leaves us in the end with nothing but matters of Carbon which is black. The Most intense form of music on earth is Black metal. The most energising drink is Black Coffee not bloody gatorade . Revolutions to alter power balances start with Black flags .Its not BLACK’s fault that any thing we perceive as power , intimidation or rebelliousness is inescapably given a Black flavour to it . This means that we take black to be a statement of power which in daily terms complicates what we try to carry off . A regular day in the office requires something less complicated as yellow or blue and only occasional black days are tolerated . As soon as you exhibit more than frequent preferences to black , you inexplicably are making a statement of being a rebel and people should be intimidated by you. So as long as you are an easy going character who prefers smoothness and calmness in your life , you may naturally avoid something intense and complex as black in your basic propensities .


The shot from Movie “Kaala”(Black) played by Indian superstar Actor Rajnikant , famous for his style and dark complexion .

There is whole science behind how we tend to approach colours in our daily life for each colour caries within it an inherent meaning , none more so than the robust and complicated meaning of Black .

I think ‘BLACK APPRECIATION’ is a real thing . Its something you teach your children , because its important how a person perceives black. When a whole species of human beings can fight amongst each other at times due to their perception of colour , it takes serious unlearning of nature thats must be inculcated in by parenting . Let your child understand his inhibitions towards black , through appropriate exposures to good aspects of black and trimming of irrational disgust associated with it so he establishes a deep undertstanding of SKIN COLOURS at the end of the day and is comfortable if his/her own skin colour is black and can make other black skinned people feel equally appreciated .



1) Not describing black colour as something less beautiful and appreciating beauty not based on skin colour .

2) Allowing your child to prefer black dresses if thats what he/she likes.

3)Watching  the movie BLACK PANTHER 😉 😉

black panther


Dr .Vel Prashanth Venkatesan is a resident of Psychiatry at the CENTRAL INSTITUTE OF PSYCHIATRY (CIP), Ranchi, India who writes on Indian contexts of psychosocial issues with keen interests in helping towards mental health awareness.


Robin Williams Depression

Robin Williams ( Academy award winning Actor/Comedian 1951-2014)

Let us imagine a world where everyone talks frankly , loves and supports each other such that everybody’s lives are taken care of . Now think for a moment and tell me, would you find anyone getting depressed and committing suicide in this utopia ?

If you’re one of those few who said yes , I’m sure you would have a member of your family or friends or someone who knew to have a good life but had abruptly ended their own in a manner that will still make you gasp in disbelief . And for those majority saying ‘No’it is imperative that you take time to read on before you let someone slip away by just being oblivious to their subtle calls for help.

Its quite disheartening that in a world with people hardly making eye to eye conversations , and ever deteriorating listening skills that we come across ever increasing cases of suicide where most of the victims are men and almost all of them had inadequate mental health assistance simply because of two very avoidable reasons . One being the gross lack of knowledge about psychiatric illnesses and two being the stigma associated with it . Its natural for all of their relatives to have advised these men to ‘Toughen up’/ ‘Man up’/ ‘take it in the chin’ / ‘Don’t be a sissy ‘ , when in reality it has nothing to do with ones approach to life .

Often a sad man needs a party , needs an outing with his pals or a brisk morning jog in the hills with Pink Floyd playing through the earphones or an ‘awe-inspiring’ TED talk to change the moody blues into hope and motivation eventually lifting the spirits . I totally agree thats exactly what even I’d do if Im not feeling good after a bad day and it helps me every single time . But sorry to disagree , we are in no way talking about sad men . We are talking about depressed men , and yes there is an ocean of difference between these two .

The fact that sadness is one of the universal emotions all must go through and because we often we script our own versions of recovery , through feats of courage and love ,we believe quite logically that its not something one can use as an excuse to call sickness. Agreed.

SAd vs Dep

But we are not talking about ‘sadness’ the emotion here , not that gloomy little blue character from the movie ‘Inside Out ‘. ‘Depression’ is not the same as being sad . The dissappointing use of the word in a very common sense does add a great deal to the demerit of this term. Nevertheless , one must understand we are talking about a disorder of the brain , that at the fundamental neurochemical level has an imbalance due to genetic causes and becomes perpetuated in situations one cannot handle for his level of resilience . To this neuropsychiatric condition , Western physicians since time immemorial have chosen to use this unimaginatively colloquial term called “Depression” . As an Indian , I can quote ancient Vedic literatures talking about ‘Tridoshas’ or humors and description of Depressive illness with a name “Tridoshonmad” or the ancient greeks describing this entity of a human being thrown into fears and despondencies , which Hippocrates named “melancholia” , the root of the word melancholy that we use today for describing pensive sadness.

If at all conspiracy theorists start telling you “Depression” is an illness created by pharmaceutical companies to make profit and you find logic in that argument , ask yourself did these companies exist in ancient greek and Indian civilization . The medications used in treatment on major occasions save lives and like any medication may not work in some despite adequate trials due to issue of treatment resistance , a phenomenon experienced in all fields of medicine due to simple lack of cutting edge molecules unique to that particular individual , something only continued research holds key to unlocking. Conspiracy theorists use these scenarios to keep people in murky waters , and as their TRP ratings remain afloat , real lives continue to sink in these murky waters of misinformed mass media .

All of our natural reactions to suicide remain universally similar in that we start finding answers to one question of “ What stress did he have ?” . Then the whole cascade of hypothesis begins flowing from his sociocultural and economic backgrounds and like a detective we collect clues to connect the dots trying our best to sympathize with what would have caused him pain . On some unfortunate occasions there would be an obvious life scenario challenging enough to face , answering these questions but if you honestly take the effort to empathise and not merely sympathize , very often there is a case of suicide which appears as an overwhelming reaction to a commonly observed challenge . And as soon as the question remains unanswered people snap to the next possible logical query of a homicide despite forensic analysis ruling it out completely . The truth is that most people ( including medical experts without any special training in psychiatry ) are surprisingly unaware of the fact that , depressive Illness can occur to anyone irrespective of his achievements and possessions and environmental supports .

To explain this better , let us look at the very recent suicide of a post graduate junior resident of Radiology in PGI Chandigarh on 26th February ,2018 at India’s top Medical training institute . This is 24 year old doctor Krishnaprasath Ramasamy , who after completing his MBBS , had the tenacity and skill to outshine the best performing residents across the country of billions to secure a merit seat in this country’s most reputed institution . Living among doctors from various speciality and being in a place which has a renowned work ethic and infrastructure with support of several colleagues from his own state in order to help with the language barrier , the man in a mere 2 months had found himself unable to cope .

PGI resident

Dr Krishnaprasath Ramasamy from Tamilnadu

The man had initially joined the department of Internal medicine , which he found difficult to cope and quoted language barrier as an issue and duly in subsequent counselling shifted to more comfortable department of radiology where only limited interactions with people are needed but his 15 days in the new Ultrasound section was not helping him and on monday morning his absence in hospital was noticed which upon subsequent probing lead to the ghastly scene of the man hanging by the noose in his locked hostel room leaving every single ‘doctor’ who lived with him in shock and immediate shame . They did retrospectively recall his subtle cries for help with his unsettled choice of departments and frequent cry of language difficulties in a place where plenty of doctors from his state had learned to adapt with no knowledge of local language at the start . His own mother recalls advising him to give it time and toughen up before choosing to quit . As Ive mentioned above , people still hypothesise all possible external stresses to be the cause without considering the gross negligence of psychiatric knowledge even amidst doctors who claim to have tried encouraging him by taking him on outings . Its like gifting a new pair of sneakers to cheer up a below knee amputee.

In case you recognise the first image in the article , The Oscar winning actor/comedian Robin Williams had it all . His career and personal life had often been enviable and yet the suddenness and unpredictable nature of his suicide has even left the ever conspiring media in deafening silence . He had suffered depression and paranoia in a setting of Dementia . This lack of knowledge can no more be tolerated by any one in the field of mental health for basic understanding of the nature of ‘Depressive Illness’ is a must because unless people begin talking about it openly and empathetically like Diabetis or Cancer, valuable men like Dr Krishnaprasath and Robin Williams will forever choose to suffer in silence because their cry for help would only invite insensitive pep talks and illogical conspiracy theories . The society’s expectation for men to remain tough in difficulties , strong in unfavourable situations and calm under pressure will further keep these sufferings submerged within the walls of his bedroom or his therapists chamber if he was lucky enough to get one . And eventually when he cannot hide it anymore , his desperate cry for help would be made possible by the only act that garners reasonable attention without criticism and simultaneously ending his misery , which is death. Being strong is indeed killing our men.

inktober depression

The destruction caused by the illness ‘Depression’ is real and it will be the leading cause of morbidity by 2020 as per WHO simply because of the delay in treatment people need that in turn is contributed by the Ignorance and Stigma towards the disorder . The Brain of a person suffering ‘ Major Depressive disorder ‘ has innate imbalances in his levels of neurochemicals such as Serotonin , Nor epinephrine and dopamine and many others involved in our neural circuits and this can get onset at any age and soon becomes accentuated in stressful scenarios like a fish falling sick and soon thrown out of water , whose already low coping capacities camouflaged in familiar territories becoming disastrously evident in unfamiliar territory. Always the disorder can be identified by looking for cardinal symptoms that become obvious if we take time to listen non judgementally . These include feeling persistently a low mood , losing interest in previously pleasurable activities (anhedonia) , becoming tired in performing the simplest of routine tasks that previously were being done effortlessly and changes in patterns of sleep and appetite . Continuation of any of these changes for more than a period of 2 weeks warrants instant visit to your nearest mental health expert who can be anyone from a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist or a psychiatric social worker who are all connected to each other and work as a team to give a multifaceted support in all domains of one’s life .





smiling dep

Dr .Vel Prashanth Venkatesan is a resident of Psychiatry at the CENTRAL INSTITUTE OF PSYCHIATRY (CIP), Ranchi, India who writes on Indian contexts of psychosocial issues with keen interests in helping towards mental health awareness.